About TransparentC

TransparentC is an electronics brokerage firm and procurement services provider specializing in the supply and cost reduction of board level electronic components and associated products for manufacturers and engineers worldwide. With affiliations spanning every industry, TransparentC has a vast network of sources that can administer solutions to any obstacle contract manufacturers, OEMs, engineers, repair houses, or hobbyists may encounter.

TransparentC accommodates partners addressing component shortages, obsolescence, and cost saving opportunities on complete BOM procurement as well as excess inventory consignment. With strong third party service providers, TransparentC is able to present partners with various options when deciding the direction of a project dealing with extraordinary circumstances. TransparentC is the clear solution in a cloudy situation.

TransparentC Defined

Transparent Components + Transparent Consulting + Transparent Consignment + Transparent Creations

We define TransparentC as the commitment to honest communication and accountability.


No matter how

big or small our partner's problem is, we
are dedicated to providing a valued solution.
We understand the importance of meeting
deadlines and we work day and night to
help beat them. Our actions yield results and
our results confirm our commitment.

No matter

We strive

to be as open, honest, and concise as
possible. We aim to disclose as much
information as we can so our partners
fully understand the situation and are
continually updated with the status of
their solution. There is nothing to hide,
and that includes us.

We strive

First and foremost

we do what we say. It is our responsibility
to stand behind every single component
we sell and service we provide. Our business
ethics and company's moral attitude put us in
a great position to serve our partners with
unprecedented assistance.

First foremost

Our Mission

To provide our partners with quality components and services while delivering outstanding value and continuous innovation.


The most effective way to achieve this is through TransparentC.

Let Us Prove Ourselves

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