Custom Solutions & Integrated Results

TransparentC has partnered with contract manufacturers, OEMS,
engineers, repair houses, distributors, and hobbyists in almost every
industry which has allowed us to evolve into a single source provider
for everything components. We work with you to solve any supply chain
challenges you may encounter and present alternative solutions if necessary.



Obsolete - Hard to find - Long lead time

With our in-stock inventory, network of verified partners, and global availabilities, TransparentC
is able to provide our partners with components when facing the toughest of circumstances.
Through experience of dealing with adversity, we have proven ourselves to be a leader in the
distribution of not only electronic components (active and passive) but also electromechanical
components, PCBs, completed boards, drives, and machines. Our strong partnership in the
aerospace and aviation fields provide a large amount of products to us with full certification
and trace.


Procurement Constulting

pro·cure·ment, noun, the action of obtaining or procuring something

con·sult·ing, adjective, engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field

What does that mean for TransparentC partners? It means that we are able to help grow
contract manufacturer's and OEM's profit margins without having to raise their sales
price. How is that possible? + MORE


Inventory Solutions

Excess - Consignment - Recycling

TransparentC accommodates partners with a growing problem, excess inventory. Don't just let it sit
there, stagnant, taking up your space, collecting dust, and costing you money. Send your excess list
to TransparentC to evaluate and we'll let you know some options for revenue recovery. With your
excess in our hands, we will upload your inventory to all major online exchanges which will also be
visible to all of our partners for: + MORE


Flexible - Integrated - Reliable

Certain situations require alternative methods and extraordinary solutions.
TransparentC helps partners solve these types of problems with what may
seem to be unconventional or untraditional methods, yet yield outstanding
results. We have saved companies from going line down, from having to
buy costly new machines, from companies spending or losing colossal
amounts of money on re-designing their entire product. + MORE


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